product care

Caring for your product

As you’d expect with any piece of furniture, taking special care for your product is fundamental to maintaining its finish. Whilst there are many different opinions on the matter of furniture care, we can ensure that there are certain ways to best take care of your furniture. One thing you need to do is to be wary of sunlight. Having a piece of furniture exposed to sunlight can have an effect on the colour by darkening it, and it can also cause cracking in extreme circumstances. Bare in mind that all furniture in your home will be exposed to different amounts of sunlight, and accidental spills, so it is important you understand which pieces of furniture need more attention. If you wish to simply clean the top layer, all you need is to get a slightly wet cloth and just wipe the surface down. Dampening the cloth will prevent the dust from floating up into the air and then falling back down onto the surface.

How to care for lacquer finish

Our lacquer finished wood has a very shiny look to it, and has a 20% sheen level. Also, lacquer is a water resistant and durable surface coating. When caring a lacquer finish, all you should be using is a damp cloth. This is one of the reasons why lacquer finishes are so popular, as they are very maintenance free. As long as you use a damp cloth to wipe it down every now and then, you should be fine.

How to care for wax finish

Wax finishes require much more attention and care than lacquer finishes. Whereas lacquer finishes don’t require much maintenance, wax finishes need multiple factors to be considered. Regular waxing is needed depending on the amount of wear and tear. For example, a table would need around 2 or 3 waxes a month, unlike a chest that would only need 1 a month. It is also important to note that with waxed wood, rings are more prone to form and any kind of spill will be absorbed by the wood. Therefore, it is a good idea to use mats so that you can prevent this from happening.

What if I damage something?

Here at Chris Sharp Cabinets, we are more than happy to help you with any damages that you come across with your furniture. As soon as you notice any damage, whether it’s a minor scratch or a large crack, simply give us a call and we will do all we can to get it looking like new again. We want our customers to be happy with their furniture, and so we strive to make our services the best out there to ensure we are doing just that.

If you are moving house, which can be a difficult and awkward time when it comes to your furniture, then don’t worry. We will happily dismantle any furniture and re assemble it in your new house! Simply contact us and we will discuss your requirements.

Product Care