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Chris Sharp Cabinets design and manufacture all the furniture on this website at their workshop in Lincoln. Every piece is made with great care and attention to detail. Whether you choose oak, walnut or cherry you can be assured that they have done their very best to make a piece of furniture that will be a joy to receive and stand the test of time. We have been designing and making furniture in Lincoln for 28 years. Over that time they have perfected and innovated like no other furniture maker. What you see on our website is truly original.

The Citrus range (so called because leg section is the shape of a lemon) Was created in Britain,it is unique. It rewrites the laws of furniture construction you will not find it anywhere else. The nature of the design means that their pieces go well together.

Chris Sharp designs all of the furniture and directs the highly skilled workforce who has an excellent mixture of traditional plus extremely modern skills.

If you visit the premises in Lincoln the first thing you will probably notice is the involvement and enthusiasm of the owners. This place has real warmth about it that cannot be faked. It comes from the constant input of Chris who oversee every activity from manufacturing perfection to greeting customers and providing the answer to their furniture needs.

A proof of their achievements is the high level of returning customers. Many people buy items knowing that they can later add to their collection with confidence. So if you like your furniture made in Britain with you in mind. Give them a try.

About Us

At Chris Sharp Cabinets, the quality of our furniture and our service are at the forefront of the business. All of our designs and furniture are crafted at our huge and outstanding workshop, which is based in the beautiful city of Lincoln. Not only is there a great range of furniture being produced by a team of trained experts, but we also have all of our products available across oak, walnut and cherry wood. Whatever piece of furniture you require, you can rest easy knowing that we are taking care of every little detail to ensure you get exactly what you require for your home.

Our Passion

Chris Sharp Cabinets have been designing and creating high quality furniture in Lincoln for over 25 years. We have continuously innovated and enhanced our skills as furniture makers like no other. We also use machinery that is unlike anyone else, ensuring that what you get from us is completely original. Our passion stems from a deep desire to create bespoke furniture for everyone to fall in love with. Throughout the years, customers have had the privilege of receiving professional help and advice about each piece of furniture that they buy from us at Chris Sharp Cabinets, and that is all down to our passion for the job. 

The Workshop

When people visit Chris Sharp Cabinets, they are absolutely blown away by the workshop that we have. The sheer size of the workshop is spectacular, with so many different parts of the manufacturing process being taken place at any one time. The machinery used in the workshop is of amazing quality, and the size of the workshop allows for lots of these pieces of machinery to be in use all under one roof. Unlike most, the wood that we at Chris Sharp Cabinets use goes from where it was gathered to the sawmill, and then straight to our workshop. The process is quick and simple, no fuss involved.

Contact Us

If you ever wish to contact Chris Sharp Cabinets, please do not hesitate to do so. We are a team of skilled manufacturers and wonderful people who are very customer friendly, and our passion for great furniture really comes across when we offer our help and advice to you. No matter how exact your preferences are when it comes to the perfect piece of furniture for your home, or even if you aren’t entirely sure what would best suit you, we are always more than happy to spend time going through the process with you.
Please do not hesitate to call Chris Sharp Cabinets on 01522 504506 or email us at enquiries@chrissharpcabinets.co.uk if you have any questions about our bespoke furniture and kitchens.

Our Showrooms

Providing a personal experience with our furniture is something we do exceptionally well. We have produced our very own furniture and kitchen showrooms to give you an insight into how the furniture looks and feels, and by going through them with you, you get the chance to ask us face to face whatever questions you may want to ask. If you wish to view our showrooms in more detail, please click here.
For our bespoke kitchens, please click here.


Taking care of the environment is of upmost importance to us at Chris Sharp Cabinets. As a result, we ensure that any waste that is produced is used to heat the offices. By doing this, we are putting everything we have and produce at use, making sure that nothing here gets wasted. When we deliver furniture, the packaging gets recycled instead of being thrown away. If you wish to read more about how we deal with the environment, please click here.

About Chris Sharp Cabinets